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Hey You, You deserve a minute to yourself…

Furthering our efforts to support our community, we have added the Kids Studio to Hype. All child care staff are experienced, background checked, CPR/First Aid Certified, and trained in Yoga for Kids and Child Mindfulness activities. Kids Studio offers a safe, stimulating, and playful environment where children are encouraged to learn, explore, and be active, imaginative, and creative. To close each hour, our staff will offer children the opportunity to join in brief mindfulness activities and/or child yoga.

Why Offer Mindfulness Activities to Kids?

Research is clear that introducing children of all ages to mindfulness has far reaching benefits particularly when it comes to self-regulation such as the ability to sustain attention, consider consequences of their actions, and lower stress hormones in challenging situations. So, while you find your inner oasis in our classes, you can feel relief knowing your little one is doing the same!

Here are the details

  • $5 per class per child, $60 monthly unlimited per child

  • 2 Hour maximum per dropoff, 1 hour maximum first 2 visits

  • Ages up 12, must be potty trained

  • Operating Hours

    • Weekdays 8am-1pm and 4-7pm

    • Saturdays 8am - 1pm

    • Sundays 8am - 12:30pm

    • Special Hours on Holidays - Check Website for Hype Hours

  • Nest Camera in the room with link for parents to watch live feed if desired

  • All Kids Studio staff are experienced and background checked, hold CPR/First Aid Certification, and have been trained in Child Mindfulness and Yoga for Kids

  • Children must be escorted to the bathroom by their parents

  • Staff will close each hour by offering yoga for kids exercises and child mindfulness activities

  • Secure check-in and check-out with photo validation ensure only parents can pick up their children

  • Children showing visible signs of illness will not be admitted